Avenging Ourselves

About a year ago, my best friend calls me up. D, as we call him, had recently toured a few local breweries and after a bout of daydreaming, claimed he wanted to open a brewery with me in tow. I said I’d think about it.

I did think about it. I researched the industry a bit, read about the brewery-business side, even took some extra money I’d saved to buy a simple home-brew kit. The next call I made was to D. If he was serious, there was no time to lose. A venture of this magnitude was not for the faint of heart. There was a lot of planning to do and then at the end of it all, there would be a business to run. Our lives and our families’ lives would all be affected by our decision.

He didn’t flinch when he said ‘yes.’ Neither did I. Next thing we know, we’re barreling through the world of opening our very own brewery.

IMG_0024First on the list: high-end brewing system (a.k.a. the mack daddy of garage brewing setups). CHECK. We did our homework. No expense was spared to find our perfect setup, focused solely on quality and repeatability: two critical elements for zeroing in on your flavors and styles. This investment allowed us to save time on fooling around with cheap gear, and put that time towards recipe formulation. Without a recipe, there’s no beer. With no beer, there’s no brewery. With no brewery, there’s no money. With no money, there’s no health insurance. With no health insurance… you get the picture.

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)Next on the list: Money and buying things. Lots of things. Things that cost lots of money. We didn’t not buy something to save for something else because in the early stages, we felt it was important to do what we needed to do to get up and running. If that meant not spending our money elsewhere, so be it. If we needed it, we got it. We put other things aside in order to do so and we both did it without question.

And now here we are. A year after that phone call. Our setup and processes are dialed in, right where we want them. Through trial and error (and drinking a LOT of error-beer) we’ve honed our recipes to our high standards and we are brewing beer that we are proud of. We’ll continue brewing and refining our processes. Meanwhile, there’s a new element.

IMG_0023We are finally looking past the initial thoughts, planning and processes and our business-horizon has our full attention. It’s no cheap endeavor to open a factory (and make no mistake a brewery is a factory) so funding is a huge component. We’ve spent months dialing in not only our product, but our business model in order to ensure that the expenses needed to turn on the kettles and open the doors are not only repaid, but profitable.

That means selling a LOT of beer.. That’s something we’re very much looking forward to doing. We can’t wait to brew our hearts out and pour our pride and joys into Charlotte’s pint glasses. We’re bringing something truly new and unique to the scene, and want each and every beer-lover to get a taste of it. If all goes as planned, that’s exactly what is going to happen. Cheers!